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Single essential oils are the final extraction of essence from one type of organic plants or any natural wildlife plants through distillation process and the process cannot involved any outside chemical additive, preserve, or artificial substance in any way of alteration. It is an aromatic, volatile liquid oil made from naturally selected plants thru distillation process without diluting any additional chemical or artificial substances. Most of natural sources of essential oil are from shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds and that is usually extracted through steam distillation.

Based on USA FDA Standard, the essential oil is classified under Grade A oil (therapeutic natural extract), which is made why essential oil is quite expensive to ordinary commercial oils (manipulated, fragrance, or articifical perfume).

In Young Living, the production are controlled from seeds to seal where the seeds are screened by hand and plus, a thoroughly selection process for high quality seeds are done with carefully by certified labors. The farm are maintained without involving any pesticide or herbicide, so the pest controlling routine are carried out by labor’s hand manually. These hygiene, high quality and manual control policy are extended to bottling process until the final stage, sealing.

Blends oils are the mixture of 2 or more single oils as mentioned above


The process are pioneered by D.Gary Young, the founder of Young Living. In Malfana Oilearners, as to pay respect to late D.Gary Young, we are dedicated to pledge our journey to Young Living. Feel free to join us too !

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      1. Harmony,
      2. Forgiveness,
      3. Inner Child
      4. Present Time
      5. Release
      6. Valor II
      7. Peace and Calming (1 & 2)
      8. Eucalyptus Radiata,
      9. Melaleuca Alterfolia,
      10. Sensational
      11. Golden Rod,
      12. Peace and Calming (1 & 2)
      13.  Myrrh,
      14.  Frankincense,
      15.  Myrtle,
      16.  Cistus,
      17.  Cedarwood
      18. Cypress

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